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A cable gland is an accessory used to fasten/tighten/secure the cable termination to an electrical panel or electrical equiment. These cable glands are made of brass and also nylon PVC compounds. Cable glands are used in all types of cables like telecommunication cables, data cables, power & control cables and instrumentation cables. Gland sizes vary with the cable size (cable diameter).

There are three main types of cable gland:

  • PG Glands: PG Glands or Plastic Glands are used in light duty low current applications.

PG Gland (2)

Comet Single Compression Gland (2)

  • Double Compression Glands: These glands are used with heavier cables and/or in controlled environments. These glands, on tightening, compress the outer as well as inner sheath of the cable an makes them weatherproof

Comet Double Compression Gland