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An electrical meter with basic AC current clamp is known as a clamp meter. A clamp meter is an electrical

tester that merges a voltmeter with a clamp-type current meter. It combines a basic digital multi-meter with a current sensor. Clamps measure current and Probes measure voltage. Having a hinged “clamp” jaw integrated into an electrical meter allows users to simply clamp around wire, cables and other conductors at any point in the electrical system and measure its current, without disconnecting it.

Clamp Meter is used to measure:

AC current, AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity, and, with some models, DC current, capacitance, temperature, frequency and more
Installation: Troubleshooting installation problems, performing final circuit tests and supervising apprentice electricians while installing electrical equipment.
Maintenance: Performing scheduled and preventive maintenance on electro-mechanical systems.




Industrial situations often call for simultaneous measurement as part of troubleshooting, so many of those users carry two meters: one to measure electrical current and one to measure voltage. For electricians, a clamp meter is a quick and versatile diagnostic tool for figuring out why an electrical system or piece of equipment is not operating correctly.