I still remember. I was in university those days studying Arts. Being from Arts Faculty, I was always surrounded by the creative & intellectual people. I also used to write poems.

One day while stepping down the stairs I heard a melancholy tune of flute. I was so engrossed and hypnotised by it that I follow the sound and ended up at the corner of the wide balcony. I sat there and enjoyed the harmony of the flute. That was the first day I saw him. He was a junior but his music maturity impressed me.

I started to meet him every day and we became very good friends. During one of the meetings, I discovered that he was not only a flute player but also a poet, a guitarist and on top an academic topper. A person full of qualities but “God forgot to give him vision”.

He was blind, blind from his childhood. No vision at all. Still this disability never became an obstacle in his life. He used to read with the help of brail.  Most of the time, he would record the lectures for his study. At that time I realized, even though he is blind yet his knowledge has outstripped his disability and I always found him self-reliant. And I always found it very odd, when people would come to him and sympathize about his blindness and ask questions like how it happened, when it happened.

We should all do our own soul-searching and we will actually be surprised to know that we all also have some form of disability, rather a mental block; wherein we fail to accept that a physically disabled person can be as efficient, independent and self-reliant like ourselves.

Let’s empathize with the disabled, let’s be friends with them and lets walk together with them in our life so as to make them feel as normal as possible.