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The reason behind this can be poor earthing. When a building is constructed then a part of electric circuit is grounded into the earth to avoid short circuit. This is known as earthing; also called Grounding. Earthing is important so as to generate a physical path for short circuit current to be neutralised; otherwise this current can be fatal for humans. As an example, if the live wire of an appliance starts touching the casing or metal part of the appliance like refrigerator, geyser or room cooler, then it can cause the whole appliance to be ‘LIVE’; and on touching the appliance we may get an electric shock. But if the house circuitry is properly earthed; then this live current will flow out through the earth path, thereby avoiding the risk of electric shock.

Things to remember

  1. We should use GI/bare copper wires, strips and plates alongwith accessories like Salt and Coal for good earthing. A new form of earthing called Chemical Earthing is also getting popular now, where you use premixed chemicals alongwith Copper Electrodes.

copper earthing strip gi earth wire

  1. At the time of installation of earthing accessories, the earth should be moist.


GI Earthing Stripscopper plate

Most of us are not aware of these facts. We hope you are now updated and will ensure proper earthing safety at your homes. For more news and updates connect with us @ http://goo.gl/tSs1nE