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The world we live in 3/4th of it is covered with water. However 2.5% of it is fresh water that we can drink. It is very important for us to consume good amount of water every day to live. Thus it becomes our responsibility too to save it for others and for future. We can save water by its minimal use, by not wasting it or by stopping unnecessary overflow of water.

To stop water overflow we can use sensor. As we all know that sensor is a device that detects certain external stimuli and response to it in an idiosyncratic manner.


There are types of sensors. One of them is water detector. It helps to identify water leakage.  The device lies on a flat floor and reverberate loud alarm depending on electrical conductivity. This device is very important in multi-storied, as they have huge water tanks. They can be used near water pipes, water tanks, and high voltage alternating current or drain pipes.

Thus we should install water leakage detector near our water storage to avoid leakage or unnecessary water flow, as water is an essential element of our life.