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We always think of saving money all the time. How successful are we in achieving this? Do you know simple tricks to save money? Here are some useful tips.

While shopping for lights/lamps for our homes, always go for “BEE Certified Energy Star” lights. These new series of energy saving lights come in various wattages, designs, colours and light levels and consume lower power that helps save money.

CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lamps have been a popular choice for last 5 years as against conventional GLS lamps. A star mark CFL uses one fourth of the energy of conventional lamps/tubes and lasts at least twice longer. They are available in warm white or cool daylight tones. As these fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, care should be taken in their discharge/recycling.

CFLs (Commercial 25W-85W)

Another innovation in fluorescent lamps for last 5 years has been slim T5 tube lights which operate only with electronic ballast. They last longer than conventional tube lights and also give brighter output.

Philips 28 W T-5 Lamp

LED Light (Light Emitting Diode) is the new talk in the town. Even TV Commercials with Bollywood stars, are promoting LED lamps for their low electricity consumption and ultra long burning life.

LED Lights

Hence conventional GLS Lamp users should switch to CFLs and CFL users should switch to LED lamps.

Another popular innovation to use is Movement Sensors. These are small devices which can integrate in your ceilings/walls and automatically turn the lights ON/OFF based on your presence in the room. You don’t need to manually switch the lights/fans OFF or ON. Sensors from companies like MK are very popular in washrooms and help optimize energy and your valuable money.