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Finolex fr KEI FR ELCB, RCCB & RCBOs

When we build a home we really do care for the cement and other construction materials that are being used to build the base, wall, ceiling and pillars of your dream home. Then when they finish up with everything we decorate it and give it a look to praise. Our beautiful home gives us comfort, peace and happiness.

What if one day after a hectic schedule you come back home and find only ruins? Demolished? Confused? How this happened? Yup, one wrong step can do it. When we make our dream home, we should care for the wires been used in the house. Normal wires can easily catch and spread fire, whereas PVC coated wires never spread fires. One the other side, normal fuse or MCB is unable to identify minor faults in wiring and stop power supply, which can take a devastating form. Whereas, RCCB can identify minor faults in the wiring and stop power supply.

So please be cautious when you are building your own home or buying your dream flat. Your consciousness can save your family and home.